Tranquility Ripples

Tranquility inside,
a choice,
choosing the bay side,
slowing rough waters
to ripples,
muting colors to fuse
land to sky as
complex fades
to simple. 

Walking the plank
to pause the world,
abandoned pier, 
quaint and personal,
tucked between 
leafy trees
and sea grasses
swaying subtly,

a landscape painted
just for you.
Slip into
retreat until 
restored anew. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise 

Still Life

Still as silhouetted dragonfly wings
is all that used to swirl restlessly in me.
I hold my breath and so does the breeze;
we both stop time for centuries. 

The secrets from the ancient flier 
can only be imparted in complete silence;
any ripple in the universe jeopardizes
this which is rarely achievable in this life. 

Perhaps this is my umpteenth time… 

I recently had a supreme spiritual moment;
not now, but when I was again freshly broke open,
my soul exposed again to worldly poisons 
and decades-rotten ingested false notions.

It is only in these complete ruptures, it seems, 
can the bad get out and God restitch the seams. 
Perhaps it is true that the rock bottoms are needed
to unclench the fist and open the palm for receiving.

I was mended with light again by His own loving hand.
And inside me, this time, another something planted. 
I feel it in the silhouetted dragonfly wings suspended, 
except I think it is me that it and the breeze are sensing. 

I feel our connectedness, 
the same serenity seeds inside of us. 
It’s hard to go back to the way it was
when gratitude, which I’ve always had, 
are blooms in such surplus shooting up. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise


Unedited after-storm sky,
heavens open up
as if to apologize 
for the tribulation
necessarily survived,
though still withheld 
must be the why.

Instilled with a knowing
a higher power so loving
is in control when I spin
in my free will off trajectory, 

I simply pause all the swirling
emotional turbulence within 
and feel the wind,
the exhale of the one above,
mighty breath on my skin;

my hair and soul lift up,
and I wish my feet would. 
Grounded on this earth for now;
let me master all the lessons.

There is nothing but comfort
in the after-storm sky,
a sojourn wrapped in serenity,
a glimpse of afterlife. 

Ladies in White

Pinks, reds, yellows, purples…
take me to where the ivory unfurls

petals reminiscent of celestial wings,
angel-whispers of the purest things,

stories of strength derived from faith,
and tales of troubles confronted with grace.

Bold colors burst forth in the celebration of spring,
but I find myself frozen, soul keenly listening

to the ladies in white, swaying silently;
they draw me in, they speak of peace,

they still my center, and the serenity seeps
through my pores and seeds in me. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Serene Wrap





serene scenery

transfer trickles

the peace

into me


like a healthy IV

the sound’s ripples

carry me

inward, deep


to a place

i knew not

but believed in


an oasis

where a soul



and i move

in slow motion

to not disrupt

the dream state


colors so muted and blended

the water and sky

appear the same


i reach out to touch

the apparition

but my fingers

feel the wet paint


not yet set

for i am in the center

of the process


one with the

medium in the moment


the water and sky

colors me

around me

benevolently wraps


until i am one




into the canvas


unsure if i

want to go




The Rippling Within


Celestial sky parts

as morning descends

upon the bay

with the gentlest kiss.


Tranquility trickles

in the ripples

and stuns me

to stillness.


Just me and the Creator

sharing a moment together,

the beauty so powerful,

perhaps a reminder


that I can carry this with,

and when the day becomes hectic,

I can call upon it,


for once peace

permeates the spirit,

it continues

like the bay

to ripple in

the calmness;


no crashing waves

can push me over

when in me

there is only

this placid

bay water.

Walking the Plank

IMG_7148 2

walking the plank–

deserted pier,

surrounded by

the aquaclear


sandy waters


ripples slow


symmetrical reflections

coax new perceptions

to rise


imperceptible shifting

brings equilibrium back,

balance natural,

no longer an act


at the end of the plank

nothing but benevolence,

I hesitate longer

and revel in the sentence


Poem and image ©LauraDenise