Walking the Plank

IMG_7148 2

walking the plank–

deserted pier,

surrounded by

the aquaclear


sandy waters


ripples slow


symmetrical reflections

coax new perceptions

to rise


imperceptible shifting

brings equilibrium back,

balance natural,

no longer an act


at the end of the plank

nothing but benevolence,

I hesitate longer

and revel in the sentence


Poem and image ©LauraDenise


6 thoughts on “Walking the Plank

  1. I love both the poetry and the photo, Laura. It was really cool how you even used formatting to emphasize your words in the second stanza. Your gentle words lull us readers like the ocean waves. What a creative rhyme in the final stanza with “benevolence” and “sentence.” Your choice of “sentence” as the final word leaves me with a wonderful sense of uncertain as I try to decide if “sentence” refers to a collection of words or to a judgement rendered that resulted in your having to walk the plank.

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