I am changing again,
another metamorphosis,
finally with wings

delicate yet indestructible,
soft but dipped in
a protective celestial coating.

I think it may be your love
combined with His blessing.

I think this is my last rebirth,
no more rising from the ashes
of my previous selves.

I am ready to fly,
though already home,
so comfortably snug
in your heart.

Coastal breezes
keep me blissfully hovering
above the benevolent sea

as the rising sun
warms my soul
without singeing
my dreams.

Bubble Dreams

Dangerous to dream, I know. 
Foolish to fly in a bubble! 
Either could burst
without notice, 
drop you fast in a plummet 
to the hard reality surface. 

But what if…

the trajectory was directed
by angels’ breaths 
and the bubble made impenetrable,  
a shield only able to be
forged from the past,
and you were gently lowered
precisely as intended
by the benevolence
of your higher power
assisting you in the navigation 
toward your heart’s
deepest and purest desire?
What if the bubble 
met passion’s fire?
And in the ashes
two phoenixes rose
and began new life
and left behind 
all the rainbows 
found in bubbles?

Poem and images ©LauraDenise


I used to foolishly attempt

to trek around 

the storms

to avoid them,

but the weather comes



Eventually, I learned

some you must simply

forge through

and get it over with…


But then I remembered

the times upon

aluminum wings

I’ve flown,

and how the storms

appear the ceiling

only to those below.


It took a long while,

but I finally grew

wings of my own

and apply that lesson,

simply soar above

many of the dark clouds, 

slip into that




Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Where It Soars

Freedom of the spirit,

the release of the heart,

lies within us all

in that potential-spark;


beneath the scars,

wrapped in chains,

the whisper persists

guarded by brain,


but only the heart

knows the direction,

can guide the way,

to authentic ever-after.


Hear the fear

to track its source.

Defeat the wraith.

Uncage the heart


and follow where it




Poem and image ©LauraDenise


The flock of birds that appeared during the rising of the song I was listening to on my morning walk really moved me…

Love, music, nature

all seem to strum the same inner strings,

playing different chords, forming

melodies that make the heart hum

and the soul sing.


As the birds in formation burst forth to meet the sun,

so my heart and soul leap up to follow,

but this body, for now, keeps my core anchored,

like a planet with a burning center


that longs to flow,



Upward Strokes


Upward strokes

of cloud-wisps,

a contrail

left as an ephemeral gift,


fading and floating away

but calling attention,

flaunting evidence

of launched heart-wishes,


sky wishies

taking flight,

one dreamer

setting out to find


what it desperately desires,

or perhaps nothing more

than having the foolish courage

to transcend boundaries and



The upward strokes

brushed upon the canvas

give hope,

for there are no edges,

no frame,

no conclusion,

where they reach,



and I, too,

want to go…


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

This Time

There’s oil where I dove,

and it’s weighing me down,

the water can’t rinse off

this nasty blackish-brown;


the rainbow colors that swirl about me

are false beauty,

a sticky trap

taking the flight out of my feathers

so surreptitiously.


Helplessly, I lie alone upon the shore

and death mercifully comes

to release me from this suffering.

Luckily, I am a phoenix,

and this time

I will soar

into my greatest legacy.