Wild Bound (With Audio)

Natural materialbut man-constructedwalls me in instead of fences, I breathe bestin more open spaces.Wildflower ascends, climbs up the border –two-by-fours frameher bold yet soft colors,star-shaped for a reason,skyward bound, rootedin treason, restrainedby seasons –toward freedom, back to the wildshunning the restrictionsthey keep trying to placeupon her style. I will follow, eventually, perhaps at the endof … Continue reading Wild Bound (With Audio)

Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

If I offered you my hand, would you walk with me, leisurely toward dreamssunsetting upon the sea? If I shared what's in my shell, let you hear the whispers, would you heart-preserve themamong your dearest treasures? If I stopped and turnedand looked into your eyes, would I find therewhat I've been searching forall of my life? If I were brave … Continue reading Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Hope is a red balloon. To dream is to release,To let the heart again believe:Benediction granted wings. Hope is a red balloon. To fear is to release. Self-shackling to the ribbon neededFor freedom to be achieved. Hope is a red balloon.But with passenger and knapsack attached,It becomes the passagewayBetween spirit-death and life hatched.  Hope is a red balloonThat … Continue reading Hope Is A Red Balloon (With Audio)

Garden of Light (With Audio)

There is a garden of lore in which the flowers blossomfrom the light within, keeping them ever candescent,  white lanterns, scented,illuminating the directionto each soul's centerto rest snuggly within,  a respite from the ways of the world,a healing oasisfrom even the self; no ghosts can enterfor heaven's seventh circle only allows angels and their guest mortals. I was going to … Continue reading Garden of Light (With Audio)

Alar Faith

To be too heavily drenched in dogmahinders the flitting of my wings;Spirituality keeps me soaringto dispense light into others' dreams.My morality is Mendelian,deeply imbued before birth.Religion-commitment issuesplague me; a dozen flirt.I believe. With all that I am.I believe. I always have. Supreme Being(s).Loving Creator.So much more before,so much more after. I infuse myself with nature,immerse … Continue reading Alar Faith