What is it you have in store for me, Lord? What is it you should have me do next? So strongly, I feel your presence; I want to be an active participant.   I lay it all down, offer all that I am, but I sense you telling me to pick it up again, … Continue reading Destination

Light in the Clouds

Every cloud has a silver lining, they say, and that light framing the shadows fills me with hope,   but it's the golden emerging, its illumination reflected from the gates of heaven, that hushes my soul.   The silver, it seems, dries my tears, and the golden produces them,   for one eases my fears, … Continue reading Light in the Clouds

Wildflowers in the Light

minute details extraordinaire captivate with their shape patterns enticing the iris whisper enchantment lead the way opening portals to fairy worlds offering wisdom pearls when petals unfurl glorious creation underfoot under-appreciated so often overlooked mindfulness, lack of speed photographer's lens steady underneath is granted access to the kingdom not so secret but gifted to those … Continue reading Wildflowers in the Light

Red Flag

Highs and lows are the nature of life, from mental health to ocean tides, and presently, in this moment in time, I am humbly watching faithful sun slowly rise after being rescued from a self-induced riptide. Tired but again all right. Thank you for your unconditional lifelines. Poem and images ©LauraDenise