Backyard Bliss

Backyard bliss,
natural nature,
no planted gardens,
sandspurs a danger,

still I get lost
on endless adventures
in the same place
January through December.

Lockdown or not,
outdoors always exist,
and I have never needed to go far
to find an oasis;

it’s in the details,
the enchanted escape,
mixed with imagination,
that can transform any space.

Privacy fences
guard potential judgement
as I photograph the
endless wonderments.

I still myself always,
and time follows suit;
I wait patiently
for what I peacefully pursue,

hanging out with lizards,
befriending the bees,
echoing the birds,
listening to the whispers of the breeze.

Backyard bliss,
especially in the morning,
draws me out to
capture the dawning

of a new day,
of seasons stalling,
like me, not so eager
for change to be calling.

I’ll stay here too long;
I’ll gladly wait endlessly
for each bloom and creature
leisurely emerging…

The world at this hour
not yet bustling;
the sun highlights
the flowers
just for me…

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