I stop kissing you
all over
with the arrival
of those colors,

that fleeting burst
of wonder
to remind us of our
benevolent Creator.

The sky erupts
in pastels and light;
the windows get tinted,
so I fly outside.

By the hand
and heart,
still connected, 
you follow suit,
smiling topless

in your jeans.
The light reflects
off my evergreen

You say it’s hard
to tell which is brighter
when my eyes are affixed
on the horizon,

but even you
succumb to it:
the moments of glory,
the magnificence, 

and just like that,
the day descends,
and we resume
our sweet indulgence:

lips dancing
beneath the stars
that wink between
about the lovers

they brought together
by aligning 
when He finally gave the nod
in the timing… 

Poem and unedited sunset ©LauraDenise

Midweek Rainbow


When I feel called to the water,

I do not hesitate.

I trust in the inner urges

that so subtly pull me toward my fate,

less Moirai, more the plan of one God supreme;

nonetheless, the benevolent forces of nature

like a current

I feel

running beneath the surface of me.


Upon arrival this time,

what do I see

but a rainbow

to confirm

God is speaking

to me,

and the colors

though fleeting

will forever reside


transfixed upon the eye

of my mind,

as a reminder

never to question

His timing.

Alongside Me So Faithfully


Paths cross.

Some, like I,

believe for reasons.

I get disheartened when

the trail diverges

and someone again

leaves me,


but even in that,

as I take more steps

into the great unknown,

I know

so many

are not supposed

to walk with us

all the way



You came along

and were soon nested

in my mind and heart;

your patience,

your shoulder,

your understanding,

you offered so selflessly

from the very start.


My laugh

you seemed to arrive with,

the greatest gift

I continuously unwrap.

So many fears

you convince me

to relinquish,

that together we

can combat,


my biggest being

the path diverging

up ahead



but you assure me

you’ll keep walking

the way I go,

like our path together

has no end…


Poem and images ©LauraDenise