Unedited after-storm sky,
heavens open up
as if to apologize 
for the tribulation
necessarily survived,
though still withheld 
must be the why.

Instilled with a knowing
a higher power so loving
is in control when I spin
in my free will off trajectory, 

I simply pause all the swirling
emotional turbulence within 
and feel the wind,
the exhale of the one above,
mighty breath on my skin;

my hair and soul lift up,
and I wish my feet would. 
Grounded on this earth for now;
let me master all the lessons.

There is nothing but comfort
in the after-storm sky,
a sojourn wrapped in serenity,
a glimpse of afterlife. 

May I?

May I never lose my way
to getting lost,
may I never resist the urge
to leave it all, 
may I never shelter my face
from the storm, 
may I never let my arms fall
in the downpour,
may I never fully wash off
the grit of the sand, 
and may I never be restrained 
by clock or human hand.

May I never negotiate with my soul: 
may I never let anyone close the window. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Heart-Skips in the Storm

Holding on
through the storms
has never been good
analogy for me;
for nothing like a storm 
gives way to the power
dormant previously,

asleep, forgetful
of my potential;
when the storm arrives,
it excitedly arises
from my inner-deep.

The let-down
is when it
but it leaves
its rumbles
astir in me
and wakes
the memories
of past-life dreams… 

The last
of the thunder
echoes in the distance
as the first notes
of the first birdsong
overlap in the natural

powerful in itself
is that herald call,
the first to surface
in the after
of the storm.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Storm Front

Storm Front




to most,


I fear you not,

my powerful friend:

come to me,

your favorite hostess.


You arrive unexpectedly,


your magnificence

impossible to miss.


I have no desire

to tame you,

your emotions no need

to suppress,


release your frustration

flash flood your tears

down upon us.


I welcome you

with open arms,

your mightiness

in the embrace

partially transfers


and recharges

my own





Poem and images ©LauraDenise