White flag of surrender
falls to the floor,
no blood shed
for this heart
has been drained 
too many times 

Ashamed I let you
defeat me when 
I let the sea
empower me
so fully 

But I will remain a friend
to myself; 
we’ve come so far.
Maybe it’s okay 
to be tired.

To push back
is to go against
the way I was formed, 
the fighter in me feeds
from daily faith restored.

I’ll need a moment,
to return to my corner,
where Love and God
will help me re-armor

not to face you 
but all that you represent,
an after-final-knock-out-
extra-round test

in a life in which 
I feel
I’ve paid my dues
with challenges to overcome
unwarranted, mis- and ab- used. 

I’ll rest awhile, re-group. 
One day at a time. 
Yesterday, too cruel. 

Garden of Light (With Audio)

There is a garden of lore 
in which the flowers blossom
from the light within, 
keeping them ever candescent, 

white lanterns, scented,
illuminating the direction
to each soul’s center
to rest snuggly within, 

a respite from 
the ways of the world,
a healing oasis
from even the self;

no ghosts can enter
for heaven’s seventh circle 
only allows angels 
and their guest mortals.

I was going to gift you
the map to this magical place,
but I’d rather take you
by hand, and with you stay.

One night of peace. 
One night of perfect slumber. 
One night to allow 
the light to seep in forever. 

One night as my guest. 
One night together. 
One night of healing, 
lover to lover. 

Poem and image and recitation © LauraDenise

Riding the Ripples

Riding the ripples

on a float

in my backyard pool,

chin up

toward the sun,

eyes closed,




the world falling suit

in silence,

save for the birds

and planes,

both of which

whisk me away


into my deep


not sinking

but inspiration-filled,

like the bird’s trill,


like my body weightless,

mental chaos



the good

drawn out,

the murky


all that remains

is the rest

of my forever

with the clarity

of a clear spring

in summer.