It’s not an attic window,
there are no shutters bolted tight,
no tower, no moat,
no strandedness by height,

no yellowing wallpaper,
no final-resting dust,
no musty-air poisoning,
no bed coils caked in rust.

You are in a single-story solarium
with windows open wide;
the enticing garden path
tries to lure you outside.

I’ve laid it myself;
it leads away from here.
The butterflies know the way;
the fireflies by night, steer.

There is no warden present.
There is no warden at all.
You are not kept prisoner;
screens and panes make up the walls.

I do see your ghosts;
they cordially serve you tea,
sit faithfully by your side,
read you books of false history,

but they are apparitions
as thin and weightless as the breeze
I blow into your windows
in hopes of distracting.

You feel me again,
look past them out the window;
your heart flutters to wake you,
but it’s noticed by one ghost

who floats to the window
to look out again at me.
I try to stare through him;
he grins maliciously.

I come by again in each tomorrow.
You are starting now to grey.
I’ve since given up my immortality
to free you from these

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Would You Walk With Me? (With Audio)

If I offered you my hand, 
would you walk with me, 
leisurely toward dreams
sunsetting upon the sea?

If I shared what’s in my shell, 
let you hear the whispers, 
would you heart-preserve them
among your dearest treasures?

If I stopped and turned
and looked into your eyes, 
would I find there
what I’ve been searching for
all of my life?

If I were brave enough 
to let that gaze linger, 
would you be brave enough
to close the distance
even further?

If you kissed me,
would you be able to surrender, 
to allow me to turn the key
and make you mine

not by locking,
but by releasing, 
freeing the love
you’ve been deep-freezing, 

to feel directly
the flutter of mine,
the wings I have grounded
indefinitely from flying?

And if they combined, 
these lights in our souls, 
would you regret
not having the time
for closure with
your shadows? 

If our union ends
up to be the origin
of love, 
would this moment
be perfect enough
for the first page
of our album? 

Would you fall
each day deeper
in love with me;
would our love grow
until it lifts us
into eternity?

I suppose if you don’t know
all of this now, 
I’d still like to walk with you 
and if you already know
all of this now, 
you should know
these feelings in me
I could never

As you reach for my hand
even though none of this
I have said aloud, 
I feel the universe shift
and know I have been
finally found. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise


Each moment
I gently hold
so tenderly,
each for a separate
still-life eternity,
seal in a crystal
tear of joy,
baubles of my heart
hung in the field,
suncatchers upon
the Tree of Life,
and I kneel and feel
the kiss on my bowed head
from the Light,
and my Father whispers, 
“It is what I have always wanted
for you, my sweet child.”
I rise and return
to the heaven
of your love,
and just for today, 
for us,
time slows down…

Petals Along the Path

Just another golden bloom
beneath the golden rays,
just another petal in the path
to my heart’s hearth
at the end of the day

where you’ll find me always
and just the same,
as faithful as sun & moon
taking turns to
light individual ways,

but you know the direction home
by the scent of the dream,
and you make your way 
off trail through the fields
to me;

the wildflowers whisper,
familiar with us both,
and excitedly sway, tickled by
our love’s natural growth.

In the distance, 
your soul espies 
its shared light source:
love of your life
predictably hunched over
wildflowers beyond the garden. 

Inside your chest,
a million daffodils
spring up,
your silhouette 
against the setting sun, 
itself, like hers, 
haloed in the golden, 

and the gods gently shake
with a smile
the sacred snow globe of love,
officially changing the season,
and all of creation again
wakes up…

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Maiden Song

I am the maiden from your dreams
whose song you still heard in your non-sleep,
deep in the wood where the single beam
breached the dark and lit the lilting stream
that you followed, barefoot-steady on mossy rock,
determined to find the source entrancing your heart.

Maiden, faery, mythological immortal, 
you knew not the form of the feminine aura,
only that you would never be at peace
until you tasted the voice that gave purpose to the breeze

that reached you over and over again
both far away and as breath upon your skin, 
closer now than you’ve ever been,
always determined I’d be just around the next bend,

and this time, the end of the search,
back turned, I felt your presence,
white dress, hem drenched by the river,
wildflowers woven through waterfalling tresses;

unsure if the heavens kept a soft beam on me
or that was my own light self-illuminating,
you froze in awe, then began to weep in relief
as I slowly turned and used your name in my greeting.

Never so sweet were three syllables ever spoken
until the ones that soon followed when in your arms,
I was finally enfolded––
the fit, so long ago star-blessed and
divinely molded.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

In the Sea of Shells

In the vast sea of shells,
you found mine,
on the island upon which I buried
the saltwater in my eyes.

Or is it that…

In the vast sea of shells,
I finally found you
upon a remote shore
with a heart I’d renew.

Who found whom?

Perhaps not a finding at all
when God as Matchmaker
guides two souls
together to love
and to forevermore hold.

So grateful to finally be led

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Dandelions This Time

I am sooooooo excited and honored to have my dear blogging friend, dragonfly-whisperer/photographer, and fellow believer, Mike Powell, recite my latest poem! This is a very special poem to me and to have a special-to-me person recite it makes me a bit teary… Thank you, Mike! Please do pay Mike a visit to enjoy his nature stories and photos at Mike Powell: My Journey Through Photography here on WordPress. 

Sprouted from past tears
that saturated the buried
teeth of lions,
lies that rotted,

but underground,
those roots reached
blindly for a dream
in the suffocating darkness,
light faith-felt
not yet seen;

we forged through
lifetimes of winter
determined we too
deserved to find
in our hearts that

strained to hear
the birds sing,
to inch upward
when strength allowed,

recovering each time
any lost ground
from sinking,
from pressures

that could only
hold us down
for so long,

could only
depress us
so many inches
as we gripped
the dirt
and resisted.

I think it was
the feeling
that you were 

reaching yourself
for something unclear,

but both of us
in breaking

to breathe 
the air
of any season,

to feel
on our faces
the warmth;

our time came,
double golden-crowned
and kissed goodbye
by Fate,

to freedom
on the same day,

never knowing
if our parallels
brought us
side by side,

but the sight
of you
upon my eyes
was no chance
but the gift
of a Gardener

a shared story,

of the season
eternal winter
return as familiar 

as the stars.

We will live
until we together
the next season,
and when our stems break
and we are but seeds 
in the breeze,
my darling, 
this time,
we will not 
be separated
by anyone or

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Verses of Us

I used to write love poems,
not that long ago;
the first were to the stars
to birthe my heart’s hope.

I used to write love poems
to passionately release feelings,
but they were stamped “return to sender”
with the sweet salt of unrequited’s sting.

I used to write love poems
to no one specifically,
just to let Eros see
I was beginning again
to water the dream.

I used to write love poems
and send them to cyberspace;
our love story began
when God sent one your way.

I used to write love poems
and share them publicly; 
now I write about this requited love,
and yours you read to me. 

I used to write love poems
but then our love defied words,
so we write our refrains
but brush upon our flesh
each verse.