Hearts and Wings

I have been absolutely entranced and obsessed with the changing eucalyptus leaves in my backyard. I pass a lot of time observing and listening to them through my lens. I know the poetry each one heart-strums inside me, but no words could ever do these images justice. I will let the poetry speak directly to you instead, for so personal and intimate to me are what these leaves and tree portray… I hope you can see and hear it, too, as it pertains to you. ❤  

Tears and Tears (Triple Haiku)

fresh spring rain on green
salty drops clinging to cheeks
all water cleanses

tears and tears the same
heteronyms for the pain
one dries, one remains

tears and tears post-storm
one can let the light reach through
one can bloom from love

Poems and images ©LauraDenise

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Leaves in my Lens

In our mix of seasons overlapping in the American South, I’ve written recently about my fascination of it as an observer, contemplator, photographer, and writer. In revisiting an earlier photographed corner of my yard, I noticed this morning that the last of Autumn is finally giving way to Spring. And of course, I saw the exquisite beauty and story beneath…

I wonder if other souls like mine see the stories I so naturally do, in every detail of nature. If so, I wonder what the commonality is, the soul feature that is so susceptible to falling so still, getting so moved, by the normally unseen that so many are blind to. Mindfulness perhaps the trendy term. But before that, I’ve always heard the whispers.

Is it a trait shared by photographers? Poets? Believers? In any case, I can’t imagine not having the connections I do, to every leaf, every cloud, every wild bloom (the next post…).

This morning, another love story found its way into my frame. To most, just two leaves. To me, a wordless tale of the most profound and tender beauty…

A leaf drying up,
weathered by time.
Its thirst I feel.
Its veins taking in
all that it can
to simply get by,
for a while longer,
Against a cloudy sky.

A love found,
a desperate grasp,
a clinging
to each other,
a tear
of relief,
the last.

Her colors
fading too,
yet she offers
her final
burst of brights,
and the selfless act
fills them both
with new life.

Together, they reach
for their together dream,
and when they fall,
it will now be in love,
and as one, they will land
and embrace
the next unknown,
together spend
each future season
where seasons have no

And that’s what I see in the leaves in my lens.

The Green

Golden sunbeam

finds me

between the leaves;

I cannot hide

from nature’s loving


Each new day

offers new ways

for sleepy dreams

to be rejuvenated

and for goals

to be reached,

for the only thing


is belief,

and will

to go after


for guaranteed

after every winter

like spring,

the potential

in every bare branch

and buried seed is

the green.


Poem and images ©LauraDenise