Forever is the Sunrise

Forever is the moment 
that stills me
when everything
is swirling inside
my heart, my soul, 
my mind…

Forever is the moment
that absolves me,
that nature bestows,
head bowed or not,
heart knotted or atoned. 

Forever is the moment
that holds me
so personally close,
the rays extended
to touch 
with warmth. 

Forever is the moment
that soaks me, 
in waves that rebirthe
or ripples that trickle
to my inner caverns

where I buried
the treasure
of me 
in a chest of fear,
where only the mermaids
are entrusted 
with the key
shaped from 
my tears. 

Forever is the moment
I carry with me
in every moment
I am away
from the sea. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

When the World is Still

When the world is still,

when predawn so subtly changes

the sky

in the same unrushed manner

as the return

of open eyes,


I thrive.


Only the birds

are lively,

but their cheerful news

I entertain;

through the open windows,

they chirp tidings

using my name.


Sun rises in splendor

just for me,

not showing off

but in loving gesture,

the selfless giving

endlessly unique.


I wonder how infused

you are in my perspective.

Would this morning

be as beautiful

if my life

did not have

you in it?


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

This Sunrise

In this early dawn,

I let the stillness be,

observe the lightening of dark

transforming gradually,

so subtly,

yet the colors awakening

are so softly profound,

the beauty

almost too much to behold

with the eye,

so the heart

and soul

absorb the excess,

the spilling over,

and preserve it

as a natural resource

to guide the self

back to self

and that stillness

whenever life seems too


and I realize,

I am

this sunrise.

This morning’s sunrise from my front yard. 

When All is Still

Peace descends

from the heavens

as the sun slowly stirs,

and I let it seep in,

wrap myself with the world–


this creation,

all that lives,

ancestors unmet,

the simplest pleasure

in the message

of an owl’s silhouette;


when all is still,

the awe fills,

and I feel

stuffed with blessings,


my spirit


and with the birds,

pays homage,



and when I close my eyes,

I see it all–

beauty, purpose, gifts–

and my heart




Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Solo Porch Chair

Solo porch chair

gives away the status,

no matter how many

in the house,

only one sits out there.


But the seated body

is hollow,

for the soul

is among the clouds,

flying through the first soft colors

to collect the tranquil beauty

for every tomorrow,


kissing each bird

on its head

and joining in their song,

with open arms,

greeting oldest friend,

sweet, sweet Dawn.


Duty eventually calls,

so soul returns to body

in the solo porch chair,

with one last glance and sigh

and personal prayer.


Perhaps the cosmos will send

a hand to hold,

so this ritual

can one day

be shared


with another soul

filling a second chair

with a shared view

free of manmade obstructions

far away from here…



Poem and image ©LauraDenise

This Early Dawn (Haibun)

As the sky ever so gradually lightens and the world emerges into focus, I know the sun is coming, though I don’t see it quite yet. I become entranced by the lead singer’s birdsong; I could never tire of listening to the music of nature. The message in each canorous chirping is unique to each listener.

The early morning darkness kindly calls me from slumber like a whispering herald announcing the revered arrival of dawn, a mythical wonder one can discover if lucky, yet this one so graciously each day comes openly.

When the sun itself first appears from beneath the horizon, it rises ever so slowly, not to show off, but to gift us its beauty, calling to the part of us planted long ago, to be still, to remember, to know.

rays that reach my soul
sent especially to me–
whispers from sunrise