My IG Poetry/Photography

You can find my haiku and micropoetry and more of my photography on Instagram: you are on IG, drop your link in the comments so we can all connect there, too! Here is my post from today...  Sincere seedsheart-harvestednaturally bloomto sprinkle cheerin discreet, little waysthat speakvolumes,and the bouquetnever wilts,remaining in the soilof the soulto regenerateoffshoots,eternal growth. … Continue reading My IG Poetry/Photography

Beneath the Bloom

Beneath the bloom, under the floral flaunting, lies beauty sometimes even more enchanting, leaves that seem to cradle so caringly morning's first glory, golden beam soaking into the essence of the green, entrancingly aglow, as if it alone could hold the last drop of hope protectively to give back when the rest gets depleted unexpectedly, … Continue reading Beneath the Bloom


I used to foolishly attemptto trek around the stormsto avoid them,but the weather comesregardless... Eventually, I learnedsome you must simplyforge throughand get it over with... But then I rememberedthe times uponaluminum wingsI've flown,and how the stormsappear the ceilingonly to those below. It took a long while,but I finally grewwings of my ownand apply that lesson,simply soar abovemany of the dark … Continue reading Ascension