Take Me to the Wildflowers

Take me to a field of wildflowers, and after I tire from frolicking, brush me into the landscape painting, silent, tranquil, pensive profile of a beautiful-souled lady. Capture my white flowing dress and the breeze dancing with my wild tresses. Let the blooms be white and endless as the sun makes its gentle appearance. Upon … Continue reading Take Me to the Wildflowers

Riding the Ripples

Riding the ripples on a float in my backyard pool, chin up toward the sun, eyes closed, uncharacteristically mute,   the world falling suit in silence, save for the birds and planes, both of which whisk me away   into my deep thoughts, not sinking but inspiration-filled, like the bird's trill, light like my body … Continue reading Riding the Ripples

This Summer Breeze (With Audio)

(Click here for audio) This summer breeze comes and goes, an invisible ebb and flow; lush trees leap up to meet it creating in their dance the music   that entices the distant wind chime and the birds hovering, spread-winged in flight to softly join in, and the chorus flows in and out of me … Continue reading This Summer Breeze (With Audio)