Still Life

Still as silhouetted dragonfly wings
is all that used to swirl restlessly in me.
I hold my breath and so does the breeze;
we both stop time for centuries. 

The secrets from the ancient flier 
can only be imparted in complete silence;
any ripple in the universe jeopardizes
this which is rarely achievable in this life. 

Perhaps this is my umpteenth time… 

I recently had a supreme spiritual moment;
not now, but when I was again freshly broke open,
my soul exposed again to worldly poisons 
and decades-rotten ingested false notions.

It is only in these complete ruptures, it seems, 
can the bad get out and God restitch the seams. 
Perhaps it is true that the rock bottoms are needed
to unclench the fist and open the palm for receiving.

I was mended with light again by His own loving hand.
And inside me, this time, another something planted. 
I feel it in the silhouetted dragonfly wings suspended, 
except I think it is me that it and the breeze are sensing. 

I feel our connectedness, 
the same serenity seeds inside of us. 
It’s hard to go back to the way it was
when gratitude, which I’ve always had, 
are blooms in such surplus shooting up. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise


Unedited after-storm sky,
heavens open up
as if to apologize 
for the tribulation
necessarily survived,
though still withheld 
must be the why.

Instilled with a knowing
a higher power so loving
is in control when I spin
in my free will off trajectory, 

I simply pause all the swirling
emotional turbulence within 
and feel the wind,
the exhale of the one above,
mighty breath on my skin;

my hair and soul lift up,
and I wish my feet would. 
Grounded on this earth for now;
let me master all the lessons.

There is nothing but comfort
in the after-storm sky,
a sojourn wrapped in serenity,
a glimpse of afterlife. 

Sometimes The Heavens

Sometimes the heavens 
seem to shout
without a sound, 
send in golden tsunamis 
to knock us out
of our sacrilegious head-bows,
hunched over the false light,
oblivious to whom is beside 
let alone above. 
Another tidal wave of wonder
crashes against an overpopulated shore
unheard and unseen
despite its colossal reminder
that we were not meant to be
islands caught up in the streams
on screens
of mind-numbing nonsense when
the caged spirits within 
continue their deafening 
pleases turned to pleas and 
silent screams
to be released. 
Our souls see
heaven’s reach, 
but our eyes and minds 
are locked
in self-imposed
escapism stagnancy. 
And another stair to heaven
disappears, as the case
little by little,

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Cobwebs Between Petals

Ninety-three million miles away,
yet upon the cobwebs of a flower,
Sol’s ray reaches, haloes, frames. 

How powerful
that gentle, golden beam is
when it finds and reminds us our

is more important and personal
than we think it to be,
for the Creator made sure
the cold and darkness 
would always have
returning light and heat.

We are turned away each evening,
in a rotation beyond our control,
perhaps to make possible
the continuous rebirthing
of new-day gratitude and hope,

to make possible these moments
that universally lift up our gazes,
to freeze-frame and coat in gold
these nuggets of humble
beauty appreciation, 

like cobwebs on a flower
that still me with revelation:
in the tapestry and labyrinth of life,
we are woven and connected
by hidden common thread,
and love could always,
then and now, 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

In The Eye

Don’t tell me there is no divinity
when I am looking heaven in the eye,
infused with the essence, soul-transfixed, lifted,
swirling upwards as colors become light,

and the ingress solicitously entices the spirit
as form sublimes, shapeshifts until undefined,
and passes through the full transfusion of serenity
through the glowing portal in the after-pouring sky. 

Poem and this evening’s photo ©LauraDenise

Everyday Gold

Golden upon golden, 
liquid light layers, 
how much more obvious 
can it be that there is a
heaven and
already among us?

Upon the dark and blank
with tender and loving
He stroked us
into existence
and all
that surrounds us,

has never left us,
and reminders 
each day, 
He has rise
from the earth
and others’
divine parts,
in likeness made,
which we should
reverently celebrate 
and feel blessed by
every day.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Deep in the Thicket

Deep in the thicket,
the beacon seeks and finds,
no seed nor bud
neglected nor lost;
keep faith in the Light. 

Deep in the thicket, 
when the first ray shines, 
no beauty can parallel
the humility and grace,
that relieved reach
for renewed life.

You will be found,
for you were never lost.
God has always been there
tenderly removing thorns
and lovingly healing the loss. 

When that darkness
gets illuminated,
you will see
all the others who
were in the thicket too
who are like you,
and me… 

Sometimes we must
wait patiently for the beam,
but we are never alone,
no matter how it seems,

and that wait, I truly believe, 
is necessary to fully bloom
among the weeds. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Alar Faith

To be too heavily drenched in dogma
hinders the flitting of my wings;
Spirituality keeps me soaring
to dispense light into others’ dreams.

My morality is Mendelian,
deeply imbued before birth.
Religion-commitment issues
plague me; a dozen flirt.

I believe. With all that I am.
I believe. I always have.
Supreme Being(s).
Loving Creator.
So much more before,
so much more after.

I infuse myself with nature,
immerse myself in the mysteries,
the divine origins steeped
in all-natural history.

I believe in light
begotten by love,
and in my soul,
there are restless doves.

The Light of Your Love

The light of your love
casts shadows upon
those other times and feelings
I thought I knew
what love was,

or perhaps it was love
but not of the purest,
for the white blooms
that I have been drawn to
now encompass
our joined spirit,

and that is how
I always hoped
love would be:
a spirituality
far beyond
earth’s reach.

This love of ours
is no fairy tale,
no dream;
it is a reality
that exceeds anything
I could ever
mortally perceive–

holy union,
remerging of souls,
the light of our auras
combining to form
the portal home

to the next level,
and in that moment,
love becomes
and we ascend
as one
into our immortal

this time
our fusion
will withstand
all partings,
for we achieved
the highest
form in history.

Come, my love,
let us take this
to even higher heights;
the heavens
have anointed us as

Love’s Very Design.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

A Change in Prayer

A sure sign of emotional/psychological healing and growth is the change in your prayers.

At the pivotal changing point in my life, God had very clearly answered a recent prayer I had delivered in tears on my knees in the locked bathroom at one my lowest points.

Since then, my prayers have mostly been gratitude, praise, and thanks. As I navigated future personal relationships, my prayers reflected the absolute hot mess I was. I think I heard God chuckle. While shaking His head. It’s been a very sloppy trial-and-error process of learning how to be in healthy relationships, none romantic, thank goodness; I think I am still eons away from being ready for that.

Last night was an emotionally upset prayer again. Usually, no matter how disappointed I get about something, after being mad at God even and pouting, I concede that He knows what He is doing, knows what’s best for me, knows what lies ahead for me. I unconditionally have always had faith in His plan and the timing of all the pieces. Last night, part of my prayer included the self-affirmation that I will never be ashamed of who I am. Who I truly am. The real, albeit often misunderstood, me. It was not a woe-is-me but an oh-well-for-them shift.

Lately, the statements and affirmations I’ve made out loud during God-talk has surprised me to hear. I have definitely healed and grown a lot. And I have definitely grown even closer to God. I’ve never written about Him until recently. But my faith is simply part of all that I am, that authentic me I’ve been excavating. My higher power is the only familiar presence who has always, always been there for me, one who knows my heart fully, and unconditionally loves me.

I can’t imagine looking back, before me, or ahead without Him there. What a bleak and lonely existence that would be. I no longer fear speaking of Him. If it is a sin to use His name in vain, I can’t imagine facing Him having resorted to no longer saying His name aloud at all from fear.

I believe in God. Unfollow or follow me as you see fit.

Thank you, God, for helping me build myself up from the rubble of those yesteryears, and thank you for who you’ve sent into my life for me to lean on during the process.

I will always have faith in you and the plans you have for me that I may never understand in this life.