Gray Plague

Gray Plague Part choice, part determinationit seems to beto avoid the exterminationwhile still livingcaused by the lossof feelingwhen we fallinto that stateof complacency,the dangerous hibernationof our dreams,the steps we taketurning our backon the wayit could be,should be...It's not easyto keep the grayfrom takingour colors.We fade,part victim,part converter;we don't sellour souls,we give them now awayin exchangefor … Continue reading Gray Plague

The Thread

silken single threadnature’s web of life weavingthe dawns and seasons Peace still exists:it is in the stillness,in the first soft light ofdawn's shadow-displacement, when the heavens descendand dust creationwith a coat of goldequally in every nation, each new day, a giftuntainted,like fresh snow'spure, printless blanket. Peace is imperviousto extinction;its persistent existence benignantin perpetuum flourishing. Peace … Continue reading The Thread

Upon the Wind

Another seasonushers inwinds of changefrom the heavens; purpose aplenty,all four bringsomething specialmeant for each. Still yourselfoutdoors to discoverthe whispers of hopeand messages for you. Open your heartto receive the blessingshidden in nature,and offer thanksgiving. Mother Natureand Father Timework together,know your desires. Turn not a blind eyenor deaf ear,doubt not everthat your miracleis near... It is … Continue reading Upon the Wind

Whisked Away

My whole family playfully makes fun of me for my cloud obsession. But what they don't know is that clouds are one of my therapies. Nature, in general. I find it nearly impossible to retain negative thoughts and feelings while being in nature. Maybe it's just my personal distractibility level. Maybe it's my higher power … Continue reading Whisked Away