Spring to Me

Spring to me, the remedy for the hangover of winter's tenebrosity.   Spring breeze, soul cleaning, wisks away the dust from despondency.   Spring fling, sing to me, songs upbeat wake from hibernation dancing feet.   Spring to me, hospitality, coming in through the window screens; Welcome, Spring!   Open your doors, open your hearts, … Continue reading Spring to Me

Whilom Childhood

  Laughter mingling, mixing with the wind, hair dancing, tangling, tangoing,   Golden, flowing, sun-kissed mane, breeze-infused, imbued hues of hay.   Free and wild spirit of a galloping mare, harness-free, weightless in air,   Safe with Mother Nature nurturing, fearless fancy, no danger lurking,   Field's shield reflects in the luminescence, translucent bubble around … Continue reading Whilom Childhood