Sunflowers in the Sand

Sunflowers in the sand baffle my preconceived notions, such a traditional earthy flower sprouting alongside the ocean.   It draws me in, such an unexpected sight, yellow-bursting heads, mini-suns against the muted, so bold and bright.   So many thoughts beyond the beauty begin to orbit in my mind.   I am reminded of childhood, … Continue reading Sunflowers in the Sand

Name your favorites on WordPress!

Recommend some WordPress writers and photographers for me to check out! Who are among your favorites and why? Share their links! I’d like to find more great content and connections. My passions are #nature #poetry #photography #romance and #faith!  SOME of my favorites (in no particular order): The Blighter's Rock Few say so much in … Continue reading Name your favorites on WordPress!

Wildflowers in the Light

minute details extraordinaire captivate with their shape patterns enticing the iris whisper enchantment lead the way opening portals to fairy worlds offering wisdom pearls when petals unfurl glorious creation underfoot under-appreciated so often overlooked mindfulness, lack of speed photographer's lens steady underneath is granted access to the kingdom not so secret but gifted to those … Continue reading Wildflowers in the Light