Hearts and Wings

I have been absolutely entranced and obsessed with the changing eucalyptus leaves in my backyard. I pass a lot of time observing and listening to them through my lens. I know the poetry each one heart-strums inside me, but no words could ever do these images justice. I will let the poetry speak directly to you instead, for so personal and intimate to me are what these leaves and tree portray… I hope you can see and hear it, too, as it pertains to you. ‚̧  

Sunflowers in the Sand


Sunflowers in the sand

baffle my preconceived notions,

such a traditional earthy flower

sprouting alongside the ocean.


It draws me in,

such an unexpected sight,

yellow-bursting heads,

mini-suns against the muted,

so bold and bright.


So many thoughts

beyond the beauty

begin to orbit

in my mind.


I am reminded

of childhood,

encouraged to

color in the book

true to experienced life,

don’t make the sun blue,

stay within the lines,

learn early

to close your mind.


Sunflowers in the sand

seem to defy,

toss their heads proudly

yet their humility

roots a portrait

symbolic of choosing

one’s own path

and life.


People on the beach

pass by,

seem oblivious

to the mini-miracles

and massive messages

that entrance

and shape me

from the inside.


And that is the difference

between the photographer-poet

and the others:

we see beneath and beyond,

we hear the whispers.


We capture it in the lens

and ink-dipped pens

and present it back to you,

artfully gifting

a beautiful impression,

another perspective,

a deeper connection,

hoping you’ll pause

long enough for



Sunflowers in the sand

should never be overlooked.

You would never find them

in a coloring book.


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Wildflowers in the Light

minute details extraordinaire

captivate with their shape


patterns enticing the iris

whisper enchantment

lead the way



opening portals

to fairy worlds

offering wisdom pearls

when petals unfurl


glorious creation underfoot


so often overlooked


mindfulness, lack of speed

photographer’s lens steady underneath



is granted access to the kingdom

not so secret

but gifted to those who simply

seek it


so much is lost

to height


get down and lost

in the wonder of


wildflowers in the light



About this photoshoot: Did you know I usually have the leash of a large, wild puppy in my other hand while photographing? Here are some photobombs by him (but also cute)…





My teenaged daughter is also a photographer (and has a MUCH better camera than me). I love to sneak pictures of her taking pictures, especially in that same golden light…


Here are the patches of weeds/wildflowers from a distance…



I feel powerful

when I position the sun

and have it rest

newly hatched

in a tree-top nest

in the foreground of the

blue beyond.

We all have that power,

you know,

not just photographers.

The light is always present.

It is us who turns away

and back again,

spinning and revolving

on our individual and shared axes.

In the palm of our hands

is the glow we can hold

of either the sun or the moon

with a simple perspective shift.

Reach for it now

with both hands

and gently cradle it.

Let it soak in

to your soul

and light every dark


We can all

hold it at once,

even share it.

The light is ever-present.

Restore your mental energy

with it.


Poem and image ©LauraDenise