Hands in Time

My hand finds yours;
feel my fingers
slide and weave
into place,
your loving anchor
to steady you
when fears cause thoughts
to race.

My hand is in yours;
there is nothing
we cannot endure
and use
to manifest it
into something more,
good and pure,
repurposed anew.

My hand is in yours,
only changing slightly
in physical form
as we age,
but the love transmitted
only strengthens
with each adjoined
passing day.

My hand in yours,
in one of the ways
we become one,
so natural
and effortless
the genuine home

One day our love
will transcend this life
and these hands,
but then our light
can fully fuse
as we finally rise together to

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Every Season Sought

Hold me tender,
the only one I seek:
temporary tear breach.

Dam the rest
as your love ripples,
fills again those crevices,
archaic, getting old.

I long for those fissures
to grave-grow cold.

Your weathered browns
still warm my soul.

(No sadness today, just recalling those times in each season when I needed most, and you drew me near to remind me of the greatest, purest truth I know. ❤️)

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Carry Me Awhile

Daydreams of our realities
honey-coat my soul
in ever-flowing, slow-motion doses
countering the draining quotidian 
as I give and give myself. 

Your touch, your love,
your whisper, your smile
live within me, always
carry me that last mile,

strength lifted
into the arms of strength;
faith amalgamated
with faith,
against the sunset,
our silhouettes
refuse to fade,

pure love’s light,
two hearts of white.
Carry me home, love.
I wish to only be
your wife tonight. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Floral Orbit

It’s hard to decipher
which is me, 
which is you, 
when we alternate
positions, both always
as one and the gentlest
of blooms.

Sometimes it is the shadows
that give the needed solace;
in tender loving form, 
one protectively umbrellas
an ecliptic respite.

We are the same:
each crease in the petal
a similar quondam-
story, memory,
that will not become
for our souls’ DNA
seeps from
hearts of gold
and velvet touches,

for all purity
is innocence, 
all white efflorescence,
pollen an offering
to keep seeding time, 

and ours is upon the horizon, 
finally in sight. 
Let’s keep orbiting there,
as each other’s faith and support,
strength, and hope,
floral lifeline.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Never Entombed

When the world
and the shadows
encroach upon you,
know that I’ll be there
ensconced beside you.

I won’t let you go,
for what haunts you
cannot harm me;
I’ll keep you imbued,

infused with our love’s 
continuous surplus
when your colors begin
to be stripped by Loss,

and when the shadows
begin to retreat,
we’ll emerge
from this cocoon 
and live again 

free –

you and me. 

I’ll be there beside you

Poem and images ©LauraDenise