Present Turning

footprints in the sand headed to the sunset, the present turning to memories with each leisurely step   time stands still yet it doesn’t, simultaneously moving while holding forever the moment   no turning back as history proceeds, no undoing impressions once the pressure is released   and the shape is ingrained indelibly   though … Continue reading Present Turning

This Present

Yesterday, yesteryears are taken away with the setting sun; to keep the beauty, learn from mistakes, release regrets helps us move on.   The specialness of each gifted present moment, we miss when we get hyper-focused keep our gazes affixed, keep treading, keep heading into that unreachable West, and before we know it, time, life, … Continue reading This Present

When the Petals Fall

When the petals fall, make potpourri to keep fresh the scent of the sweet memories. When the rain falls, look to the trees; wet feathers never deter the birds from singing. When loneliness sets in, know it's but one leg of the journey; paths cross for reasons, and someone special is coming... Poem and images … Continue reading When the Petals Fall