This Is

Sunrise kisses brushed upon eyelids, Quenching drops nourishing, renewing, the spirit, Velvet petals caressing the flesh, erasing false perfections, inner seeds in ecstasy sacrificially spilling, Breezes always joyfully willing to carefully carry the heart's deepest wishes, Lonely floating feathered silhouettes receiving comforting sunset ripples, Faithful mutually blooming companion, a bud always returning, Upon a pure … Continue reading This Is

When the Petals Fall

When the petals fall, make potpourri to keep fresh the scent of the sweet memories. When the rain falls, look to the trees; wet feathers never deter the birds from singing. When loneliness sets in, know it's but one leg of the journey; paths cross for reasons, and someone special is coming... Poem and images … Continue reading When the Petals Fall