Morning Kiss

The sea oats
have grown tall;
I let them
skim my palm, 

feel the tickles
gifted from heaven
as the sea’s soul 
is orchestra lifted 

above the tides
of this earth
to scoop me up
with open arms
into the surf.

I offer all I’ve brought
to sacrifice to God,

releasing the heavy,
releasing the pain, 
hoping the ghosts 
will choose escape

as I make it more
to haunt these
inner spaces

tarnished, turning gold
from the light
of love
joining the soul’s. 

My feet sink
in the warm silk
as my heart, 
with you inside,
even more 

Buoyant become
the weights
as the shackles and chains
give way
to become part
of the dark, watery

Today, I take
back my life.
Today the curse,
I unwind.

Wet feet,
sand clinging,
I walk back
and through my fingers,

the sea oats feel
the difference

as the sun 
rises to kiss
me so gently 


Poem and images ©LauraDenise


I’ll keep the faith,
I’ll hold onto hope,
keep my eye on the light
and the hidden holes.

Don’t want to turn
any more wrong ways,
been searching too long,
I’m ready to stay

right here with you
no matter the world;
we’ll see Love through,
we’ll break the spells,

chancellors of all
that’s good and pure and true,
we’ll bring it out,
stay beautiful.

Let’s keep the faith;
He’ll see us through.
Let’s find more light
and share it, too.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Forever is the Sunrise

Forever is the moment 
that stills me
when everything
is swirling inside
my heart, my soul, 
my mind…

Forever is the moment
that absolves me,
that nature bestows,
head bowed or not,
heart knotted or atoned. 

Forever is the moment
that holds me
so personally close,
the rays extended
to touch 
with warmth. 

Forever is the moment
that soaks me, 
in waves that rebirthe
or ripples that trickle
to my inner caverns

where I buried
the treasure
of me 
in a chest of fear,
where only the mermaids
are entrusted 
with the key
shaped from 
my tears. 

Forever is the moment
I carry with me
in every moment
I am away
from the sea. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Some and Me

Some were built for height,
some false with imitation bark,
some ill-fated by others’ fires, 
some have witnessed the sparks.

The dark, the light, 
rotates and falls 
upon each equally. 
Some were meant to 
Some use the sun’s love
to bloom in delicate
and fleeting beauty.

At the feet of giant trees, 
with whom I have always
felt most rooted,
in white lace and ray’s kiss
still fresh on my crown,
I have never been so at peace
with who I’ve found
I’ve always been.

Wherever I go now,
it is me who I am. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Final Light

Night disintegrates 
in the middle,
as the final white light
noiseless epistle. 

some through the trap door:
one prophesy fulfilled. 

Approaching the light,
limited time, 
shadows evaporating:
Truth’s combine. 

Back of the line
moving quickly forward.
Eyes widen:
final bipartisan border. 
So many hands raised. 
Some bargaining in pleas, 
some opening to receive. 

Regrets’ final drowning
in bucket lists,
all possessions vaporized 
into ash and lint. 

This is it. 

Approaching The Light, 
limited time. 
If He speaks, 
what will you

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Garden of Light (With Audio)

There is a garden of lore 
in which the flowers blossom
from the light within, 
keeping them ever candescent, 

white lanterns, scented,
illuminating the direction
to each soul’s center
to rest snuggly within, 

a respite from 
the ways of the world,
a healing oasis
from even the self;

no ghosts can enter
for heaven’s seventh circle 
only allows angels 
and their guest mortals.

I was going to gift you
the map to this magical place,
but I’d rather take you
by hand, and with you stay.

One night of peace. 
One night of perfect slumber. 
One night to allow 
the light to seep in forever. 

One night as my guest. 
One night together. 
One night of healing, 
lover to lover. 

Poem and image and recitation © LauraDenise