Blue skies seem sometimesbehind us too far,and when the oasis of nearness dissipates into illusionyet again, we dangerously tire,as the colors of hopefadelike sidewalk chalk in the rain,and we driftwithout careinto the storm. But as long as there areforks and bendsin the paths and roads,what-ifs and depends,Fate can only temporarily takehostages,for choice and circumstanceand weather will permitthe opportunitiesto change … Continue reading Drifting

Every Heart

Every heart goes through seasons;every soul sometimes dims.Spring isn't meant to be eternal;shadows may need to become friends. Pain cannot be avoided,but heartache need not break us;When the last leaf falls,it's the tree's self-preservation. Winter brings delicate beautyto those possessing appreciation.Some blessings bloom brightly;others require effortful observation. Fragile flowers sometimes get peltedby heavy winds and … Continue reading Every Heart

Footprints & Silhouettes

So many silent, untold stories in yesterday’s leftover footprints, in this morning’s sunrise-silhouetted figures in the distance. I am a people watcher, always curious about human nature, collectively and within each individual character.   When the stage lights are unlit and the microphone off, I wonder about each’s private feelings and thoughts.   We are … Continue reading Footprints & Silhouettes