Rooted to Trees

Tree-hugger for as long as I can remember
(my favorite nature companions),
known sky-and-cloud obsesser
to those who discover a drop of who I am.

I write of the sea
because I have been living by the beach,
and if my writing you currently read,
you know mountains aren’t my thing.

Wildflowers, especially white ones,
have become infused into my self-journey,
but if I could only keep just one,
I’d have to keep the trees.

Size does matter sometimes
for I need the large circumference,
and the older, the wiser, I find is true, 
(secret bias though toward non-coniferous).

In the national forest, 
I seek the inner grove, 
the largest sequoias I can find
so I can visit my soul’s home. 

A hand, a hug, upon the giants
fills my heart, and my authentic
smile naturally shows. 

The Language of Wildflowers

I have always been drawn to intimacy,
that of the petal, the shell, the bee. 
Grand, sweeping panoramic views
have trouble impressing me. 
Everyone else lines up though to see,
so I release the guilt to the benevolent breeze
while I sneak away from my party
after posing in their pictures
to get low upon the mountain surface
to hear the gentle, pink, silky whispers.

My first two vacation poems of the same subject,
the world-renowned postcard as a blurred backdrop.
You can take a body to a different location,
but you cannot take control of a soul’s vocation,
especially when it is spiritually connected
more so to the underfoot details overlooked and neglected. 

The stories of nature that fit in the palm of my hand
speak to me more profoundly than the grandest canyon. 
I have never been one to follow the crowds. 
The bold mountaintop bloom whispers another route. 

I cannot take it now: my father is guiding this tour. 
But I will never forget the brief shared encounter

with the single wildflower

that found me in the clouds
and allowed me to recenter myself. 

These Trails


Despite what the markers say,

these trails have no end,

for we only reside in a portion of the middle

of the Maker’s creation.


This tease of greater things

is meant to last us,

sustain us,

with enough awe

to make all believers,


our time so short yet long

enough to discover

what this part of the journey is for:

to revel

in the natural wonders

and each other,


for every day

the beauty surrounds us.

We are cloaked and dripping

with blessings

and the potential of



This mountain trail has no end,

the silence on the way up

prepares me for the summit’s message

prepared especially for me.


I proceed leisurely

but attune

to the psalms whispered

between the trees.


These trails have no end

for when the footpath stops,

I will carry on,

carrying these moments

in my heart


until I return




The worn boards

of the foot bridge welcome,

like a host with few guests,

my soles, though muddy

The rope is rough

beneath my soft palms

but soothes

my restless soul,

as the wind gently

rocks me.


I fear not.


Not this height,

not that unknown

place I am headed

in this now-so-natural



The water flowing

beneath me

is neither stagnant nor rushing

but the perfect speed

for drifting into dreams


and harmonizes with the wind

to create a soundscape

that invigorates

my heartbeat,


or is it the voice that comes

to my attention,

like a lover softly waking me–

his, just up ahead;

it so benevolently

lures me…



Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Take Me to the Forest

We can walk the beach

and climb the mountains,

but let’s settle down

in a cozy cabin


in the heart of the forest;


my soul is home

among the thick-trunked trees–

towering skyscrapers,

nature’s majesties,


keepers of ancient wisdom.


My hiking boots upon the dirt,

my palm upon the textured bark,

the sun’s light flickering frequent hope

between branches in the daytime dark:



never would those surroundings get old.


Call the dogs, take my hand,

take me safely away again and again;

under the great green canopy,

let’s all play and blaze some trails.


Take me where I need to go.


Beach, mountains, desert, plains:

the forest is where I long to stay.

Along the river, around the fire,

my heart endlessly flows and sparks

when in the forest

with you by my side.


Poem and images ©LauraDenise