Beneath The Magnolia Trees

May Day birthday, one to addgenuinely to my scant album of joyful memories, as Time bows down to still itselfand lets me live some momentsimmortally beneath the Magnolia trees that seemed to have waitedfor this occasionto begin their epic blooming. So dear to me have becomethe velvet ivory,symbolizing hopeand soul purity, so many seasons dormant,waiting … Continue reading Beneath The Magnolia Trees

Reflection Deception

What is it about nature's reflectionsthat draw us in and entrance us; just the optical illusion,or is there more to itbeneath the surface? I stand divided betweenwhat is and is not:truths entombed in deceptionsguarded by ghostly aspswith venomous tongues. One side, firm footing,the other, a gator-bait splash;demons and sirens playingshamelessly dirtierthe more questions I ask.  Round … Continue reading Reflection Deception

Everything Passes

everything passesthe good and the badtime keeps nudgingus forwardwith or withoutwhat we once hadwe can only carryso muchin a heart, in a mindsome things we cling totime tries to help usleave behind sometimes what westrive forsimply cannot bereachedglass dividessound and touchmirrors reflectincongruities for reasons we maynot be privy to for certain peoplemay only bemeant to … Continue reading Everything Passes

Far Side of Flower

My photographer daughter nearby(with better equipment than mine)inquires why I would take a photoof the flower from behind,and I am a bit surprised,as she usually gets it intuitively,my fellow creative withour shared-way-of-seeing-nature genes...I didn't have an answer at the time, hard to explain the inner, abstract sensations, but as I play with the many images I took, some … Continue reading Far Side of Flower

Deep in the Thicket

Deep in the thicket,the beacon seeks and finds,no seed nor budneglected nor lost;keep faith in the Light.  Deep in the thicket, when the first ray shines, no beauty can parallelthe humility and grace,that relieved reachfor renewed life. You will be found,for you were never lost.God has always been theretenderly removing thornsand lovingly healing the loss.  When that … Continue reading Deep in the Thicket

Story Roots

Don't think my sunny outlook comes from a lifetime of easy;I've walked through the dark woodand from depression's cliff,still find myself sometimes clinging. I've cried my share of flash floods,drowned several lives in the deep, survived decades of verbal abuse,spent my time vowed and banded to Lonely. I've been there and back,having spent most of my life … Continue reading Story Roots

In the Sea of Shells

In the vast sea of shells, you found mine, on the island upon which I buriedthe saltwater in my eyes. Or is it that...In the vast sea of shells, I finally found youupon a remote shorewith a heart I'd renew. Who found whom?Perhaps not a finding at allwhen God as Matchmakerguides two soulstogether to loveand … Continue reading In the Sea of Shells

Tides of Time

Walking alone, even his ghosthas abandoned you,single footprintsin sand and snowfrom a boy to a man, lost truths. Upon the phantasmal shores, you wander, fists raised;tears cannot erase what never was. Your own steps become weighted,the prints deep, breaking ground,and through the land, you begin to drown.  Sand turns to ice, entombing half-alive.Only one hand to reach for, but … Continue reading Tides of Time