Uneditingly Brave

What if
we didn’t edit
but left
the way
in which
we were blessed
with it,
the highlights
disputably the
highs in light,
the shadows
lovingly interweaved,
the bridges
sometimes camouflaged
or only revealed
to the one
meant to
what if the walk
is intentionally
with boardwalks
to deter us
from fully
the depths of
the offerings,
the possibilities
of meeting
the ones we are meant to
and the ones by chance,
and what if those
are unfathomably unravelable
in free will, fate, and

Enchanted Omen (With Audio)

White dress, like wings flaring,
from white-horse chimerical maiden,
bareback galloping full speed
through the whispering enchanted,

dismounting at the omen,
studying, tracing, its curves,
ancient language mutterings
irrelevant if heard.

Soft white grows
in its illumination,
iris mutation.

Remounted and commanded
in mellifluous tongue,
white stallion and maiden 
swiftly make their way on.

When the coast is clear, 
I approach the live web,
and to my surprise,
the language, I suddenly

Poem, image, and recitation ©LauraDenise

Rooted to Trees

Tree-hugger for as long as I can remember
(my favorite nature companions),
known sky-and-cloud obsesser
to those who discover a drop of who I am.

I write of the sea
because I have been living by the beach,
and if my writing you currently read,
you know mountains aren’t my thing.

Wildflowers, especially white ones,
have become infused into my self-journey,
but if I could only keep just one,
I’d have to keep the trees.

Size does matter sometimes
for I need the large circumference,
and the older, the wiser, I find is true, 
(secret bias though toward non-coniferous).

In the national forest, 
I seek the inner grove, 
the largest sequoias I can find
so I can visit my soul’s home. 

A hand, a hug, upon the giants
fills my heart, and my authentic
smile naturally shows. 

It is the Sky

Awesome and tranquil Sea
soothes me, strokes me with peace…

The Mountains huddle protectively
and I feel snug in the middle of their majesty…

The Woods beckon me to wander endlessly,
enchanted by flickering sunbeams between trees….

Unsurpassed beauty in the petals’ intricacies,
I hesitantly unfurl with the Flowers delicately…

But of all of the nature in gifted creation,
nothing captures my heart quite like the heavens,

the glimpses of paradise where angels reside,
looking down on us, their love reaching with light.

It is Sky that makes my heart leap the most,
can’t take my eyes off of; it’s entranced my soul.

The clouds carry my every dream and hope,
and one day, will lovingly carry me home.

Take Me to the Forest

We can walk the beach

and climb the mountains,

but let’s settle down

in a cozy cabin


in the heart of the forest;


my soul is home

among the thick-trunked trees–

towering skyscrapers,

nature’s majesties,


keepers of ancient wisdom.


My hiking boots upon the dirt,

my palm upon the textured bark,

the sun’s light flickering frequent hope

between branches in the daytime dark:



never would those surroundings get old.


Call the dogs, take my hand,

take me safely away again and again;

under the great green canopy,

let’s all play and blaze some trails.


Take me where I need to go.


Beach, mountains, desert, plains:

the forest is where I long to stay.

Along the river, around the fire,

my heart endlessly flows and sparks

when in the forest

with you by my side.


Poem and images ©LauraDenise