Wildflower Fairy

I caught her today,

captured her existence,

the legendary Wildflower Fairy

paying my very own yard

a visit!

Her golden-backed silhouette 

under sun’s guardianship

came forth;

chattered excitement

among the birds broke up 

the morning chorus,

as she bent and whispered

something indiscernible 

to the seedlings,

her dew-kissed face

and green-veined gown

revealing her as the Queen,

so I found myself

bowing like the blades and leaves,

for sometimes awe and magic

come disguised as


to grace us with a moment of 


And during all of this,

I realized,

there was such peace

in me.



The white and gold

in the mushroom undertoe

draws me in to that peculiar

texture of spongy foam.


Something there is about wild

mushrooms growing

seems magical, mystical;

they seem to harbor a knowing

that we all miss

so busily attending to the non-bliss

of the things deemed more glamorous.


For me, though,

I’d rather shrink myself

and stay awhile or so

in the land of fairies and gnomes

and listen all day to the tales of old

before the curse of growing

and learning, being told

to pay no attention to those

mushrooms undertoe.


Poem and image ©LauraDenise