Name your favorites on WordPress!

Recommend some WordPress writers and photographers for me to check out! Who are among your favorites and why? Share their links! I’d like to find more great content and connections. My passions are #nature #poetry #photography #romance and #faith!  SOME of my favorites (in no particular order): The Blighter's Rock Few say so much in … Continue reading Name your favorites on WordPress!

It All Started with a Flower

Pure and white, in the morning light, the large, soft petals lovingly envelop me as if I were its center missing and returning home; the embrace makes my eyes close, and I lose myself in the sweet scent of belonging, the chaos within me subsides, and I know what serenity feels like for the first … Continue reading It All Started with a Flower

Slipper Clicks and the Timeless Wish

The romanticized, nostalgic idea of there being no place like home tugs on our heartstrings in the clicks of Dorothy’s iconic ruby slippers. I can’t help but wonder, though, what that ideal vision of home looked like in the minds and hearts of viewers then, and what it looks like now. At the time this … Continue reading Slipper Clicks and the Timeless Wish