A Dream on a String

We all (hopefully) have memories and associations tied to kites. For me, it conjures up the idealism of carefreeness, takes me back to childhood, my own but also nostalgically, in general, observing the kite-fliers about me in the present, often older generations enjoying the tradition with younger ones. As an adult, I have acquired the … Continue reading A Dream on a String

Upward Strokes

Upward strokes of cloud-wisps, a contrail left as an ephemeral gift,   fading and floating away but calling attention, flaunting evidence of launched heart-wishes,   sky wishies taking flight, one dreamer setting out to find   what it desperately desires, or perhaps nothing more than having the foolish courage to transcend boundaries and explore.   … Continue reading Upward Strokes

Little Red Balloon

I am usually natural, only find myself in nature, but if I were synthetic right now, I'd be a little red balloon filled with helium with a long white ribbon attached on a blue-sky, white-cumulous sort of day. I am light for once and colorful, rising rising toward the light sneaking away from an old … Continue reading Little Red Balloon