Feel Me

Close your eyes,
and I will, too;
feel me there,
this touch brushing 
slowly over you,
soft as an exhaled breath
on flesh…
fingertips, lips, 
smoothly caress, 
the gentlest 
hair trickling 
across chest,
whispers float
into your ear,
melliferous voice
delivering the elixir 
to each fear, 
sweet everythings
that reach
with flowing, warming heat
every last heart-ailment 
to heal.


Into yours, 
my fingers weave;
hands clasp
So easy
it is 
to love,
to release
all inhibitions:
free fall
into me. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

I.love.Leo.Sayer! I forgot all about him! Been belting this out in the car lately, on repeat…

I Bring You the Sun

I bring you the sun,
beauty too, 
sought after it, 
left the window view.

It’s all I can do.
I hope it is enough 
to remind you 
how much 
you are 

I bring you the light
and the white flowers
and the glow from my soul
that you ignited. 

I bring you the rays
across the ocean,
a beacon to grab onto
to keep you surfaced,

to dispel the shadows
deep down inside,
to ignite the ember
and restore the fire. 

I’ll bring you me too
in person
soon enough 
and keep myself lit
for your touch,

and through my kiss,
you will be restored,
my healing breath
upon your flesh, warm. 

But for now,
I bring you the sun
through your window
to lure you up.

Come outside, my love. 
Let Mother Nature hug. 

Barricades and Gates

Don’t count the days
you’ve been apart
or all the fissures
that keep forming
in your heart.

Don’t count at all
except to count on the reunion.
Sometimes it’s necessary
to future-focus in those moments. 

Close your eyes
and let that vision in;
the light of faith
makes the best stitches. 

Stop red-exing. Green circle
all the days left in this life.
Keep hope open and
into each moment invited. 

Don’t count the tears that drop
in the seemingly endless flood. 
Count on His greater plan.
Lift your face to the Son. 

Pray for the courage to take the wheel
as the angels give directions. 
Sometimes we have to wait longer;
sometimes we need to take action. 

Sometimes it’s up to them;
sometimes it’s not determined by fate
but by every action 
we don’t and do make. 

Dead ends are the Devil.
Detours, angel interventions. 
The first, avalanches suffocating.
The latter, breathways to salvation. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Infused With You

Daydreams rise up and become infused
into the golden clouds on their way to

that place unseen but guaranteed
to exist just for the ones who fully believe 

in all the things conceived
from purity, beauty, and truth,

each sunset, kissed and renewed.
I release my heart again for you.

When it arrives,
you will hold it again so tenderly tight,

and when you fall asleep, 
my heart, warm with your love,
will return to comfort me.