Bluebells and Cockle Shells

morning twilight in the ever-discreet lightening trickles into my pores and permeates the chest where I have hidden my collected treasures the wordless moments saturated with sappy sensations dripping colors into my mind the times time slowed to the subtlest of swirls enwrapping me in fluid ripples white-washed eucalyptus greens reach for me and I … Continue reading Bluebells and Cockle Shells

Lily-Pad Dreams

Lily pads spark childhood delight, call up frogs and dragonflies and sprites;   cross the bridge and leave the mundane behind, big roots spring up from the aquatic deep from where mythical creatures sometimes surface for a peek,     but perhaps the most enchanting part is the beauty that floats on top of the … Continue reading Lily-Pad Dreams

Acorns and Pebbles

In my daughter's hand lies the secret ingredients: acorns and pebbles, oblong and round. Their magic still glows her soul with their hues of greens and browns. Little trinkets from nature pocket- and palm-sized, capable of sprouting new life and bringing back memories of falls past and the rivers upon which such pebbles skipped and … Continue reading Acorns and Pebbles

I Spy a Time…

The stone children sit, on the ground barefoot, looking at something that has caught their interest, dirt-caked skin, grass-stained clothes, earth rubbed into flesh and soul, siblings bonding, sharing, borrowing, from one another's imagination to create an adventurous land of make believe, adult- and stress- and time- free, timeless memories, innocence of childhood, ensconced, petrified, … Continue reading I Spy a Time…

Whilom Childhood

  Laughter mingling, mixing with the wind, hair dancing, tangling, tangoing,   Golden, flowing, sun-kissed mane, breeze-infused, imbued hues of hay.   Free and wild spirit of a galloping mare, harness-free, weightless in air,   Safe with Mother Nature nurturing, fearless fancy, no danger lurking,   Field's shield reflects in the luminescence, translucent bubble around … Continue reading Whilom Childhood