Deep in the Thicket

Deep in the thicket,
the beacon seeks and finds,
no seed nor bud
neglected nor lost;
keep faith in the Light. 

Deep in the thicket, 
when the first ray shines, 
no beauty can parallel
the humility and grace,
that relieved reach
for renewed life.

You will be found,
for you were never lost.
God has always been there
tenderly removing thorns
and lovingly healing the loss. 

When that darkness
gets illuminated,
you will see
all the others who
were in the thicket too
who are like you,
and me… 

Sometimes we must
wait patiently for the beam,
but we are never alone,
no matter how it seems,

and that wait, I truly believe, 
is necessary to fully bloom
among the weeds. 

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Unfurl Your Light

Unfurl your light,
one ray at a time,
no hurry,
for there are plenty
of cloudy days and
star-inspired nights
to regroup strength
in between
the seasons and petals
and dreams.

Keep tenderly nurturing
that inner glowing seed;
no need to even reach
your full potential
this spring –
the journey is in the growing
and the courage developing
to achieve
all you were designed to be:
simply you, bloomed
into belief of your

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

Ladies in White

Pinks, reds, yellows, purples…
take me to where the ivory unfurls

petals reminiscent of celestial wings,
angel-whispers of the purest things,

stories of strength derived from faith,
and tales of troubles confronted with grace.

Bold colors burst forth in the celebration of spring,
but I find myself frozen, soul keenly listening

to the ladies in white, swaying silently;
they draw me in, they speak of peace,

they still my center, and the serenity seeps
through my pores and seeds in me. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

Befriending Bumblebees

Befriending bumblebees,
watching cloud-shapes come to life,
making majestic the flowering weeds,
the peace around me seeps in when I am outside.

(See the bumblebee?)

Time may tick, but no manmade clock
interrupts Laura’s la-la land thoughts.
I am one of them, the nature alive in the yard,
no language needed when you are birthed from the stars,
though I do whistle in response to the birds;
in another life, I learned the wordless verses.

Sunlight dances with my frizzy tresses;
soon I will waltz with the summer wind in sundresses. 
I don’t need to go far; just don’t make me go in.
I wish to stay longer as princess in this magical kingdom. 

Poem and backyard images taken today ©LauraDenise

Parking Lot Thoughts

Turn not a blind eye upon
the beauty that surrounds;
sometimes you simply must
expend a bit of effort to

seek it out.

There is never a beauty drought.
Look about! 

In a grocery store parking lot,
for you, I frame this bouquet,


to send you a wordless reminder
of my love, 

to remind you are dearly
thought of,

desiring that the white-petaled hope
could be a moment that lingers in
cheering you up.

I will never stop
sowing in you these seeds
of my love

in eternal spring,
for your dimples again to


Poem and images and love by Laura

See Past Shells

You are not broken.

We all have our chips,
scabs and scars,
stories hidden,

the search and strive
for perfect,
itself a myth;

you are perfect
as is,

each soul a treasure,
measured not by appearance
or the illusion of wholeness,

for we are equally complete
when love washes over us

for no shell is enclosed,
though we shrink within,

open and in rotation,
vulnerable hearts
search for a fit.

The ocean knows
and sings the wisdom:

each of us beautiful,
not just enough,
but the only one for another
and in God’s hands, cupped. 

Poem and images ©LauraDenise


The most profound beauty
is found in the mundane,
outside the gardener’s borders
broken free from the rein; 

water from the heavens
that kisses the flesh
produces the sweetest of blossoms
from what umbrella’d belles reject.

The most desired flower
dons not perfect petals;
the most exquisite features
only captivate when held close.

Colors can distract and hide
what lies beneath the surface;
the purest beauty is only bold
when bravely revealing imperfections. 

Meadow Myth

So many keys you possess,
having collected them along the way,
sand-fossils upon lonely shores,
earth-buried near silent graves,

all shapes and sizes,
from all times and places,
dating back centuries,
no ties to faces.

From a misty meadow,
skin-kissed with dew,
I emerge and
wordlessly stand
before you.

I have waited
all these lifetimes
for my key-holder
to unlock me to find

my deeper, my deepest,
potential beauty.
You raise your
worn pouch of keys;

my cloak slips
revealing non-flesh,
just my soul
preparing to
receive the gifts,

and from my light
are launched a thousand
butterfly-like fairies
that swirl around
until the white blinds
and unburies

my greatest potential,
and as the blaze subsides,
I am left with a glow
radiating from the inside,

and all of your keys
have metamorphosed
into one skeleton,
ancient and ornate, gold,

and with a knowing
in my eyes of green seas,
I reach for your heart
and let the key release

all of the beauty
and hope and dreams
you have for so long
held onto with
battered-knuckled belief,

the non-spell, broken,
for we only needed
to find each other again,
having once protected

our love by
locking it
and entrusting
you with

the task of finding
each last key
that would bring you
back to me,

and now, my love,
we are again free
to continue to love
each other eternally.

Come, fly away
with me.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

All Gather


All gather
to bear witness
to the last light
of day,
a ceremonious
in heavily-saturated
hues ablaze,

spectacular finale
to celebrate

nothing more
than the beauty
of such a gift–
this life,
this moment,
this planet.

In the time
it takes
for the sun
to bid farewell,
we focus
only on this
and forget

We are one
in this instant,
all creatures
stunned into
by the power
of another

Perhaps we will be gifted
another tomorrow.
If so, let us come together
and celebrate again
beneath the solar light show.

May we learn like this
to raise up in praise
the best,
and into the surf,
continuously release
the woes and regrets.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise