Garden of Light (With Audio)

There is a garden of lore in which the flowers blossomfrom the light within, keeping them ever candescent,  white lanterns, scented,illuminating the directionto each soul's centerto rest snuggly within,  a respite from the ways of the world,a healing oasisfrom even the self; no ghosts can enterfor heaven's seventh circle only allows angels and their guest mortals. I was going to … Continue reading Garden of Light (With Audio)

Pursuit of the Bloom

Thinning tightrope, teetering plank:I've walked them both.I've fallen.I've sank.Tentacles brushing,shadows lurking,up the stalk, through the Valley of Thorns,relentlessly clambering. Holes in the boardsopening and closing,disguised as light, trap doorsback to startheartlessly sending.The invisible bridge always glistening against Defeat's whispersin the first rays each morning,fleeting, only sustainable by faithand a resolute spirit's strength.Maybe todaywill be the day...A thought repeatedover decades...  Finally achievedand coming … Continue reading Pursuit of the Bloom

Twirling Petals

Between my fingers, I slowly twirlthe way I've done before,white petals like the pinwheelthat may in turn propel my heartand set in motion in the universethe dreams I've protectively harbored, but now I realize, those dreams have beenall granted by the stars,so the only thing that fadesin the mist of heaven's cloudsis my grip on hopefor … Continue reading Twirling Petals

What It Is To Be

When I write, I write from prompts,the ones organically generated around me, from nature, usually from my own photographic capture.  But what if I started only with the classic white space? A screen, a cursor – better yet, lined paper – better yet, the heavier plummet of fingers upon a typewriter…Yes, I do remember… When … Continue reading What It Is To Be

Sometimes The Heavens

Sometimes the heavens seem to shoutwithout a sound, send in golden tsunamis to knock us outof our sacrilegious head-bows,hunched over the false light,oblivious to whom is beside let alone above. Another tidal wave of wondercrashes against an overpopulated shoreunheard and unseendespite its colossal reminderthat we were not meant to beislands caught up in the streamson screensof mind-numbing nonsense whenthe caged … Continue reading Sometimes The Heavens

Spring Frosting

Frosted silver-blue in springushers in eucalyptus dreams.I inhale the heavenly possibilities wafted through my senses and altering my inner being, frosting me with the sweetscents of what can beand what can never be lost,centuries of hope long agoand perpetually seededthat spring up each annual seasondespite the body's expirationsacrificed for the birthingof eternal angel wings. Every heart's whisper, every tear that … Continue reading Spring Frosting

Tea With Honey Bee

Few things do I findmore peaceful than the golden hoursI make and spend with non-peoplein those euphoric momentsI string togetherbetween the shadows, sitting among the beesin neither garden nor bramble,a weedy yard as proxy for the meadowI have yet to discoveras my special place to feel home.  In the meantime, longer still, will I spend unweaving the webto the portal.  I watch in comfortingcompany … Continue reading Tea With Honey Bee