Now and Then

City bound, 
experienced, birthed
in the bustle,
though now it binds
as my heart pines
for the last stretch 
of passed pastoral… 

before the SunPass,
in a time before tolls, 
passing the tractor
and grazing cattle. 

I count down the days
until I can back-peddle
to the split-rail fences, 
and enter through the rickety gate
to my soul’s haven.

Take me away and back
and leave me there; 
come ’round to call 
every now and then. 

2 thoughts on “Now and Then

  1. I like to visit the city but oh how I love coming home – where I can see the horizon from edge to edge and stars from my front stairs and sleepy eyed cows as I run past in the morning, and call to them because they seem to like me saying hello. This is a beautiful poem Laura.

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