Dust and Glue

I wish I knew 
true love
of friendship 
early on.
I wish it didn’t exist
as missing
photos in 
the album,
having been
from the glue
after each exposure 
of being 
or that one
that left me
to this day
My album
became less 
and less
lighter became
the feeling
I knew, 
chambers of the heart
renovated rooms,
but I held fast
to faith,
and God inside
filled each 
vacant space.
I kept 
the others
at arm’s length,
guard up,
bowed face,
casually brushing 
though introversion
was also at
having created
my very sacred 
but in these weeks 
when weak
became my shame,
and I had to
search extra hard
to find
the blessing
it was friends
who came to save
the day,
who found
and mended
and returned
my cape,
who lifted me back
with hugs
to strength. 
Okay, Lord. 
In this broken state,
I give you 
Full is the feeling 
when the heart
dam break,
when love
fills in 
in all of its 
sizes and shapes,
and the dust dances
off those old
blank pages. 

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