Finally Abloom

Late bloomer
of self-love,
had to break
free from
his choking-vine
of lies.

It’s never too late
to start life.

This is who
I’ve always wanted
to be,
the me I’ve always thought
I was.

For bringing me home
to myself,
thank you, love. ❤️

#verbalabuse #healing #selflovejourney

4 thoughts on “Finally Abloom

  1. This put me in tears. This is indeed my favorite one of all. We have so much in common my precious friend and sister. You are so gifted I’m so many ways. Your pictures are as beautiful as your words. 💛❤️💜 love and hugs.

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    1. I appreciate you so much, dear Karla! You are always leaving me such sweet, inspirational, motivating messages. It helps me so much as I build all-around confidence; my healing journey setbacks leave me feeling so discouraged sometimes. I was going to unpublish this like usual for the uncomfortableness of feeling so exposed. I guess I’ll try to leave it up… Thank you, my friend. Again and again. ❤️

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      1. You’re so welcome, Laura. Please know that I KNOW in my heart that this place here, on WP, is a place where you can publish and be YOU. I’ve learned in my two short years here that is has been a gift of healing~if only ONE person in this world could relate to my story~then,…I felt peace. And freedom. My confidence was shattered also my dear friend. I want to always motivate. You’re a very special and gifted woman. Your wisdom and soul are beautiful! Don’t ever forget that. God loves you so much and do I. 💛❤️💜

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