I never did
become bitter,
never let
my heart freeze, 
but slowly,
I loosened 
the grip
on the string
of my dream… 

Not a death,
but last rites 
its helium
finally lost
just above
your shore…

My heart
into your hands;
I felt
that moment,
for inside me,
hope fluttered

5 thoughts on “Descension

  1. I once decided not to have dreams, for in attaining a dream, it ceases to be a dream, and becomes something else, real, urbane, passé, a letdown. Many years later, I let myself have dreams again, very little ones, ones I could attain and enjoy and repeat and keep on dreaming. Like a little story on a blog.

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    1. I always feel a bit honored when you talk to me here, so to speak, because I’m quite a fan of your work/posts, Roger. (In fact, I have been feeling quite out of sorts that I am behind on your posts this week!). And I love your ending to this comment!! 😊 PLEASE, keep dreaming! That reminds me of a different poem I once wrote… (finding for you…)

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