Little Tree On The Mountaintop

Little tree on the mountaintop
beneath sun’s celestial reach,
planted purposely at the very peak
or actively advancing toward dreams
from a seed,
more mighty to me
than the mountain itself
and all of the tallest trees
looking up. 

Little tree on the mountaintop
Biblically reminiscent,
perhaps a Jesus story
never told,
or the Lord’s
seemingly futile reach
to have us remember 
this precious given life’s

Who is changed upon the descent from the mountain?
Some things seem to remain as shocking as Moses’. 

5 thoughts on “Little Tree On The Mountaintop

  1. I like the sound of the ‘e’s in the reach-peak-dreams that seed the poem. Someone has the scroll: “The Parable of the Seed in the Stone,” when the swordsman paused to plant a seed in a stone. Someone broke off a branch; maybe they thought they could bring a dream-wood talisman to a valley below, but a chip of the stone might have done as well. I like the colors and depth of field of the photo. It almost looks like there’s hair on the tree.

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