Garden of Light (With Audio)

There is a garden of lore 
in which the flowers blossom
from the light within, 
keeping them ever candescent, 

white lanterns, scented,
illuminating the direction
to each soul’s center
to rest snuggly within, 

a respite from 
the ways of the world,
a healing oasis
from even the self;

no ghosts can enter
for heaven’s seventh circle 
only allows angels 
and their guest mortals.

I was going to gift you
the map to this magical place,
but I’d rather take you
by hand, and with you stay.

One night of peace. 
One night of perfect slumber. 
One night to allow 
the light to seep in forever. 

One night as my guest. 
One night together. 
One night of healing, 
lover to lover. 

Poem and image and recitation © LauraDenise

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