Maiden Song

I am the maiden from your dreams
whose song you still heard in your non-sleep,
deep in the wood where the single beam
breached the dark and lit the lilting stream
that you followed, barefoot-steady on mossy rock,
determined to find the source entrancing your heart.

Maiden, faery, mythological immortal, 
you knew not the form of the feminine aura,
only that you would never be at peace
until you tasted the voice that gave purpose to the breeze

that reached you over and over again
both far away and as breath upon your skin, 
closer now than you’ve ever been,
always determined I’d be just around the next bend,

and this time, the end of the search,
back turned, I felt your presence,
white dress, hem drenched by the river,
wildflowers woven through waterfalling tresses;

unsure if the heavens kept a soft beam on me
or that was my own light self-illuminating,
you froze in awe, then began to weep in relief
as I slowly turned and used your name in my greeting.

Never so sweet were three syllables ever spoken
until the ones that soon followed when in your arms,
I was finally enfolded––
the fit, so long ago star-blessed and
divinely molded.

Poem and image ©LauraDenise

11 thoughts on “Maiden Song

  1. One thing I enjoy about your writing is the glimpse into your heart and mind. Peel back the layers and there’s a femininity and a little girl’s imagination. This is why poetry can only be one of a kind.

    Liked by 1 person

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