I Wear the Gold


I wear the gold of the beauty-brushed coast
as dawn coats us both with the light of hope;

I feel it bleeding into my soul.

A new day is birthed into the waves,
a new year on a calendar man-made;

timelessness prevails in the ocean’s refrain.


The gold is neither molten nor cold;
it warms to life the dreams put on hold,

and for anointment, I offer the ones held close.

Seashells keeping infinite secrets
glisten silently still yet reaching;

maybe there is a message meant for me…

img_9015 (1)

The gold scatters away as the day awakes,
but I still glow from being soaked in those celestial rays;

it resides inside of me, an inextinguishable flame.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise