Seasons of the Heart

Leaves, pinecones, and acorns fall,
petals and whole blooms too;
the hands of time
propel the seasons,
pulling and pushing
the memories of you.

Change comes inevitably,
seems to detach and deteriorate
in the downward descent
on the slippery slopes
of wet-leaves and iced pathways.

We can find our grip though,
we can find the beauty that clings,
hold in our hearts the comforting scents,
focus on the evergreens.

The petals that fall
like snowflakes,
the snowflakes that
melt too quickly,
need not die in the moment
if we preserve them
in our chest of memories,

collecting the treasures as keepsakes
and letting the winds
take what we want to forget
but knowing in the circle of life,
it will surely come ’round again.

In the interim,
we can reflect,
metamorphose feelings
instead of circumvent.

Time and Change
have their purposes,
often cognizant
of our best interests,
sometimes the fall,
the return to earth,
is the only way
to bring life
to buried relationships.

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

9 thoughts on “Seasons of the Heart

          1. Awww! I’m looking forward to spending time on yours too! I leave my current job in December to focus more on writing! Yay! I’m glad you’re on Fall Break! 😊🧡


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