Extra Stars

The atramentous autumn sky
flickered with extra stars,
so I took some extra time to watch
from distant, earthen hearth,

and being the thinker
that I am,
I began to take inventory,
and being the bard
that I am at heart,
I began to see
the allegory,

for before me
strewn across the heavens
was the grandest empyrean exhibit,
but the evidence
I was unable to capture
beyond anatomical lenses,

and all around that
single, revealing
hole in the ceiling opening,
the clouds crowded to cover,
and the witnessing opportunity
seemed to be so strictly limiting.

I thought about how the glory
is ultimately still present
beyond the view
and one’s personal access,
and how many
who were gifted the glimpse
simply didn’t
despite their advantageous
position on the axis,

and what a shame to think
of the wishes
that were never able
to find their way
to the clearing
from the ones
who were denied
such patch of sky
and from the ones
who altogether stopped

so I wish I could jar some stars
and hand them out
to the ones bereft of hope;
I’d tie on pretty ribbons
and leave them on
the doorsteps of selected homes

like snow globes
but with pieces of the heavens
and instead of shaking,
the directions would say:

Simply make a wish
and the giver of this gift
for you and that wish
will pray…

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