If I Expose My Soul

My place, still trying to find…

The theme seems to be
on repeat
in my poems and prayers,
on repeat
even after all of these years.

How can a soul feel
so gypsy-like?
Am I
just too connected
to some other
source of life,
to an invisible umbilical
chord still tied,
too aware that none of this
is being done right,
the meaning and purpose
of this hourglass-time?

Am I to be searching,
actively roaming,
or is it the going
that keeps me from knowing

or being found?

Is it that I must
in the stillness sit
to hear feel the direction
in which I should shift

inward bound?

My soul is restless
but more at peace
than ever;
perhaps I am nearing
or about to remember

my self.

Perhaps the journey
is not in evolution
but in reverting,
all of the artificial


If I expose
my soul
to you,
and you expose
your soul
to me,
I wonder
if each other’s
we would find
our selves
to be.

Poem and photography ©LauraDenise

5 thoughts on “If I Expose My Soul

  1. Very nice. Who are you writing to?
    Doesn’t matter.

    This is all you need to know, written by a friend.

    Years will pass before we turn
    To face the place where we come from
    Years will pass before we learn
    What time denies to everyone
    If we’re lucky ghosts and prayers
    Are company, not enemies
    I time travel straight back there
    You were singing back to me”

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