Evening Petals

As the sun sets,
and sangria
kisses my lips,
I twirl
white petals
in my fingertips,

manipulating them
into the frame,
and with my dreams,
I do the same,

as if the halo
of the golden light
will bring my
heart’s desires
to life,

and for added measure,
or  perhaps because I
can’t help but linger,
I add a little bit of
mystic moonlight
as if the glow
from both
will last

he arrives.

12 thoughts on “Evening Petals

    1. Thank you, Nick. I really appreciate hearing that, especially with my personal prose writing, as that requires some bravery on my part to step out from behind the safety of the ambiguity of poetry. Writing about God is also new for me, but His blessings have been so obvious lately, it truly overfills my heart. I’ve been overly busy with life lately but am spending time on WordPress today reading; I’ll be by your place soon. πŸ™‚ Thank you again for leaving these words for me. ❀

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      1. That’s perfectly expressed, it felt brave. And it felt like you have been through so much and you’ve come through it, with your faith strengthening you. It was really heartwarming to read, and I just appreciated your honesty and insight in the moment. 😊

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  1. How beautiful πŸ’š I’m so glad to have found you. Poetry is becoming more of a love for me once again like years ago. Thank you for your support and follow. Take care and be blessed πŸ’š

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  2. Hi Laura,

    Loved the verse.

    The following lines resonate,

    “…….manipulating them
    into the frame,
    and with my dreams,
    I do the same,…….”

    I am left wondering about that inner desire to manipulate one’s dreams.



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