Let Me Be

Let me be.

I need

no treatment

for this obsession,

my sky fascination,

constant, non-stop


Let me keep

my celestial connection.

Let me keep

spinning in my 

colorful imagination

the endless possibilities 

of everything beyond this.

Let me keep 

my dreams

sprinkled with romance.

Let me continue

up there

upon the clouds

to dance…

Poem and images ©LauraDenise

3 thoughts on “Let Me Be

  1. I love the dreamy feel of both your words and your images, Laura. (I couldn’t help but notice that your poem was double-spaced. Perhaps that is intentional, but if want it to be single-spaced, hold down the shift key when you hit the return at the end of each line. Otherwise the WordPress editor assumes that you want to begin a new paragraph and gives you a double space. If you are composing outside of WordPress and are pasting it in, I can give you some details on how to get single spacing too. Just let me know.)

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