Between Worlds


For a moment, I get lost,

and in that moment,

I fall still,

sunset upon golden wildflowers

blur the division

between worlds.

My dreams and reality


forming a portal,

yet in this moment,

I feel the empowerment

of control,

not the control

I foolishly chase

in denial, never able to

keep everything

in its place,

but the glorious satisfaction

of being able to wait,

not in a hurry

to dive into


no, I think

I will take

a little bit longer.

Somewhere in that blurriness,

I know you

are not going anywhere,

and that makes

this moment

just as special,

to be able to indulge and linger

in an approaching tomorrow

in which I will get to stay

in the moment

with you

for as long

as I want to,

after an eternal


“I do.”

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