Sometimes, I think of those few

I offered my heart to,

but I try not to,

for the sting

threatens to unstitch me;

no matter how much

sugar I pour in the wounds,

the truth of the matter

is none of them

wanted me.

Perhaps these romantic dreams

I weave

keep me suspended

above the dark reality,

for if the web were

to release me,

I know

no arms

would be there

to catch me.

So for now, I will keep them


One thought on “Suspended

  1. I’ve stared into that place,

    even while people described the pillars, rising from my heart,

    holding up a vastness I couldn’t see in myself. Not anymore.

    It’s too much for this world, someone told me. This world can’t accommodate it.

    I just convinced myself I didn’t really have it, and that perhaps those with the glib alternatives were closer to the real thing than I had thought.

    But occasionally, in that dark place, I still feel it… flickering…

    the embers and echoes of something somebody told me a long time ago.

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