My Breath

My breath gives life

to your dreams,
a fresh breeze
that more than stirs
those visions
faded in dormancy,
in hibernation
deep down,
too long asleep;
they do more than wake
as they rise up
to frolic and play,
dancing jubilantly–
an eternal green spring.

My breath gives life

to the you
you’ve been hiding;
every shadowed corner inside
receives my beacon light
calling your soul
to shed its heavy layers,
to let me accept
and delicately treasure
all of your fleshless flaws
that make up
who you are,
the only one
I desire to impart
the rest
of my forever.

My breath gives life

to your heart,
filling the chambers
until it jumpstarts
and skips like a kid
back to the start
when Love
was born
and ignited the stars.
It is there
we first met,
witnesses of
the holiness
of the potential
of Love
as the purest
and highest
God-blessed gift,

and we never stopped
believing in it.

Reunited now,
I wish not
to lose you again.
Please take with your lips
my breath,
and let life
together finally

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