Fire in Our Hearts


Fire in the sky

millions of miles away;

we safely observe

the colorful,


display each day,

gathering in peace-

ful assembly,

all reveling in the

undeniable greatness

of the planet

we are sharing,

if but only temporarily

before we snap back

to the unnatural reality,

manmade distorted discordance

fueled among

a clashing society.

If only the sunset

projected by distant star

could hold us together,

keep us longer

in this blissful moment,

frame us this way,

be able to kindle

in our hearts



Poem and images ©LauraDenise

6 thoughts on “Fire in Our Hearts

  1. The idea of “love sparks” that can be kindled in the warm shivery depths of human hearts…

    We need more love sparks… everywhere…

    and not just those so clearly visible in the sunset, but also those you find in seemingly grotty, shabby places, where people have forgotten that being human can be beautiful… and are not always encouraged to remember.


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